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1. I have know you for a while and you have a very distinct photographic style. One that has become very popular. How did you develop your style?
- Thanks for acknowledging that Jason, I appreciate it. This whole modern vintage, "live fast die young," pretend rock star thing has really gotten out of hand. But I suppose like anything that's pure, it's only a matter of time until the posers catch up to it. I developed my style in the desert because I lived there when I was a kid and that came natural. Truck stops and shitty motels where not a novelty but every day. It seems that every photographer now is shooting this Coachella inspired bullshit. Coachella is "mall" now, pretty soon we're going to find it at Hot Topic. I began shooting Polaroids because that was the kind of camera I had growing up, all the family albums we're Polaroids, etc. Things become a gimmick very quickly but it's those artists who can't reinvent themselves who are fucked. 2. I still remember, the first magazine that made an impression on me as a kid When I was in kindergarden one of the neighborhood boys invited me to his apartment. I lived in a shitty whitetrash town outside Palm Springs. In his room he had stacks of porno mags. This was strange because he was also in kindergarden and he said his father gave them to him. He gave me one and I ran home with it. My mom caught me immediately, but that brief encounter with the dirty treasure made a lasting impression. Does that explain a lot..? 3. My high school years involved a lot of Skating, breaking bones, playing in punk bands, awkward sex with older girls, trying everything once, growing up fast.
Andrew Kuykendall
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4. I have a crush on Anna Karina in the 50's, Faye Dunaway in the 60's, Shelley Duval in the 70's, Debby Harry in the 80's, Uma Thurman in the 90's, Vanessa Paradis in the 00's. 5. I now live in ? I go back and forth between NY and LA, with agencies in Europe as well. I'm not sure if I'll ever commit to one city completely. I get paranoid and panic if things get too comfortable. I haven't been in the same place for more than 3 weeks for over a year. 6. Also like to ask Photographers about other Photgraphers who are some of your favorites? Juergen Teller, Glen Luchford, Guy Bourdin, William Eggleston, Paolo Roversi, Bill Henson. Even if a photographer has a totally different style, I appreciate the approach. I appreciate someone who enjoys trying new things and taking risks. There's too many photographers playing it safe and following the trends these days.
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Andrew Kuykendall
7. Any models we should be keeping our eye on?   I'm fascinated by the look of Helene Desmettre at IMG. Her face is incredible. Another favorite right now is V. with MC2. She's a total badass. But I have a thing for pale blondes that look like aliens with down syndrome.. Or so my ex told me. 8. Now I get to work with Volcom, Hudson Jeans, Conde Nast, Nylon, L'Officiel, PacSun, Mirage, Spin, Target, Universal Music, Urban Outfitters, etc.
Andrew Kuykendall
9. If you could leave us with one thought, what would it be? If your more interested in being a brand then an artist, you're not an artist. You're a douche bag. You can get in line behind Mr. Brainwash and Tyler Shields and every other dipshit who uses art to con people. Best of luck… Does that sound bitter..? I love money.

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