Who: Amanda Assad Mounser Site: http://www.assadmounser.com  

1. I was just looking over your SS14 preview. I absolutely love it what can we expect?
I really took the collection to a more glamorous place this season incorporating micro rhinestones and multi shaped gems. Of course I am still focused on interesting combinations of saturated color, as well as punk and rock elements such as spikes and box studs. I loved the way the collusion of all these things came together! 2. I still remember, the first magazine that made an impression on me as a kid I did not have teen heartthrob posters on my wall like most young girls. From as far back as the third grade, I showered my walls with Versace and Jean Paul Gaulter ad campaigns, sketches and most predominantly 80's Elle editorials as lensed by Giles Bensimon. 3. My high school years involved a lot of dreaming of moving to NYC
Assad Mounser.jpg
4. Now I get to work with fantastic artists and stylists like Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Patti Wilson, Havana Laffitte, Lori Goldstein, the list goes on! 5. I have a crush on Max Snow and his art. 6. I now live in NYC on the 27th Floor overlooking the Hudson. So there high school. 7. The evolution of a brand is quick. When one problem goes away, one pops up and vice versa. What has become harder and what has become easier since you started? The biggest challenge is always staying AHEAD of the game and evolving in new and interesting ways. While figuring out the right formula can be a labor of love its also the most fun part.
8. What do you think about social media ? Over saturation or an outlet? I mean, social media can make me feel overwhelmed personally, but I think venues like Instagram give people an in depth well rounded look at what you are all about which is pretty cool. 9. If you had to compare yourself to a women in the past who would it be? Lucille Ball 10. If you could leave us with one thought, what would it be? Wake up and fight (which I think about daily as its tattooed on my arm)  

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