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1.Three words to describe this EP? one adjective, one noun, one verb, por favor It's a triumph. 2.This seems like a bigger project than simply releasing an EP of three new songs - can you elaborate a little on the band's goals/intentions for/of The EP, the songs and accompanying video? Even though music is supposed to be kind of lawless and free, it can be easy to fall into the "same old thing" mentality of LP, single, video, tour, LP, single, video, tour etc. We thought it would be cool to make a product that didn't follow a preexisting mode of content dissemination. Also the three videos came to us all at once so it seemed logical to link them up with a little narrative. 3. If this record was a sandwich, what kind would it be? American cheese on a hero stuffed with Doritos.
4.Fashion Tip: [Wearing a baseball cap] is always a do [Killing animals for their fur ] is always a don't 5. Record you'd play to woo the object of your affection?That new joint "Climax" that Usher sings. 6. Favorite 4th of July moment ever.y dad knocked over a charcoal grill and I stepped on a burning briquette but I was too drunk for it to hurt. Score! 7.Most American song you can think of or song that perfectly sounds like america... Picture sitting with someone who has been living under a rock for the last 200 years and they're like, the united states? What the shit is that? And you're all like, well let me play you this song...yeah, that one. What is it? "Only a Pawn in Their Game" by Bob Dylan. Free association: I say... USA, you say... Rich. I say green, you say... Weed. I say kittens, you say... Dead. I say rap music, you say... Dipset. I say 'ermagerd!', you say... Help!
8. And finally, that Betsy girl who's always taking your photos - what's up with her? She has pretty hair but her day rate is pretty astronomical. Overall I'd say it's a wash.    

Photos and Questions by Betsy Blundell @:, Bear Hands are playing NYC at Knitting Factory on 7/20, link to buy tix is here: and then they are heading out on tour - full list of dates is on their website