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1. Sometimes I forget how young you are. Where you always an old soul?? I think growing up as an only child in New York City is really what forced me to grow up a little early on. Independence comes quickly to kids in NYC, and being around my parents so much gave me a huge amount of respect for people who had stories to tell from their past. I was so concerned with becoming an "interesting" person when I grew up, someone who really learns a lot from the world around them. I still totally feel that way, I just wanna keep going and going. 2. I still remember, the first magazine that made an impression on me as a kid Man, Highlights Magazine was the bomb diggity, it was my favorite part of going to the Doctor's office and quite honestly, it really influenced my deep interest in global and ancient cultures. 3. My high school years involved a lot of Typing. My family moved upstate to Buffalo when I was 13, there was nothing I wanted more than to just get back to the city for college. I didn't really have a coming-of-age-movie kind of high school experience, I went to a tiny progressive charter high school and focused way too much on building my personality and trying to figure out what the hell I wanted to do for college (which is where the blog came in)
4. Now I get to work with Some of the most insanely creative and inspiring folk I have ever had the pleasure to even meet in the first place. Not only do I get to collaborate with desigers I adore like Nanette Lepore and Chris Benz, but I get the chance to discuss what inspires them on a really deep aesthetic & emotional level. Sometimes I just really don't feel worthy to work with amazing artists who make their passions into something tangible and living. 5. I have a crush on I have a thing for guys with long hair, It all started with the Beatles fasciation and it's just gotten to the point of no return. 6. I now live in The Lower East Side. Not sure if that'll change once graduation rolls around though. Who knows, maybe I'll head back to the motherland of Woodside, Queens. 7. People think this of me: That I probably don't let loose enough. I barely know other kids who go to my school because I dedicate way more free to time to blog-related events than the whole college experience of expanding through casual social interaction.
8. I love the eye you have for vintage clothing. What do you feel of the the balance/difference with vintage and new designers is? Thanks man! It's always about tailoring and knowing what kind of a silhouette you want. I'm really drawn to pieces that have that 60's English dandy dimension with a psychedelic rock culture sort of thing because it can be super visually engaging without going nuts with structure. I love mixing that stuff with masterfully understated modern pieces that you need to see up-close to fully appreciate. It's kind of a simple theory, but if fashion is a system of sigs, then I wat my clothes to tell you exactly what I'm into, and that's always the history of clothing. 9. Do you work out? If so can you help me out?? Embarrassingly enough, I don't work out at all, but walking everywhere really helps. I'll skip the train to make a long walk to a Vietnamese restaurant more worth it. 10. If you could leave us with one thought, what would it be? With all of the opportunities I've had with blogging, I actually find myself really nervous about my future. I feel almost as if i'm a part of a social experiment because I'm coming into the Fashion world through social media and this relatively new realm of distributing and exchanging information. The industry is changing and I'm still working on trying to figure out what I'm good at, which is what school is for, but I've always been such a planner-type and uncertainty is scary. I'm terrified, but I still couldn't be more happy with what I do and thankful every sigle day for the opportunities I've gotten through blogging. I don't know what's coming up exactly, but I guess that's what makes this industry so gosh darn exciting.

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