Colleen Nika: Thread Count editor for Rolling Stone by day, DJ and musical curator for Nightvision. 

1. I decided to be an editor/writer because: I like being able to show people things, especially connecting cultural experiences in new ways. I like to generate dialogues and pick people's brains. 2. I still remember, the first magazine that made an impression on me as a kid: The Face. 3. My high school years involved a lot of: Avoiding people and time spent in cyberspace and record stores. I mostly lived in my head but was curious about everything (still am). I made art, listened to any exciting music I could find, and researched as much as I could about the acts I liked online. These are the dial-up Web 1.0 days, too, so it was a labor of love. I used to run a music site/webzine when I was 14, built from scratch.

4. Now I get to work with: some of the people I grew up admiring, which is still hard to wrap my head around, but it's obviously a dream made reality. 5. I have a crush on: a Roland Juno 60 synth. 6. I now live: in New York City, but I plan to spend most of the year traveling for work and thrill-seeking pleasure. 7. People think this of me : I wonder!
8.We are almost done here. I love : everything about Fincher's version of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. It's my favorite aesthetic experience of the past year. 9..If you could leave us with one thought, what would it be? Check out my Nightvision project, aka what I do outside of Rolling Stone. It's a progressive music platform I've started that is dedicated to bringing nonconformist international music to American shores -- via editorials, radio, and live shows. My site is a good place to get a feel for the agenda.  

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