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1. I decided to be a Designer because I wanted to give life to my art. As my brand took shape, it became about constantly creating and recreating art that my customers could breath life into. 2. I still remember, the first magazine that made an impression on me as a kid My family used to come up to New York from DC (where I grew up) to visit my grandmother every few months. She used to save up her monthly subscriptions of Vogue for me and we'd go through them together from as far back as 8 years old. 3. My high school years involved a lot of My mom, aunt, grandmother AND grandfather's hand-me-downs...and musicals.
4. Now I get to work with My team. Charles and Marianne Webber who I share my studio with, my sales showroom, my photographer, and my Omen PR family...I pretty much dont do anything without looping them in. They all keep me sane, well maybe not always sane, but always inspired. 5. I have a crush on Bill Cunningham...i mean, really, how adorable is he...he reminds me of my pattern-making teacher from the London College of Fashion-- I just want to take him home and have a cup of tea with him and listen to his stories. . 6. I now live in My Black "thigh high" leather leggings 7. People think this of me: That I'm an old soul, but Im really such a peter-pan
8. We are almost done here. I love Glamorous, eccentric old ladies 9. Can you leave us with one last thought?Love what you do and you'll never work a day in your life.

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