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1. What do you think the connection between tattoos and fashion is?
Shit I don't know, it seems in the past few years tattoos have become a lot more socially acceptable though, the media has helped this an awful lot we are now even seeing them on high fashion models... not so much on women but still its a step in that direction. I guess tattoos kind of represent a certain freedom! Freedom of choice. It is kinda like Hey... This is who I am and I like it! For some it is a way of expressing themselves just like others do with fashion. 2. I still remember, the first magazine that made an impression on me as a kid there were 2 actually... when I was 16 I looked at Tattoo Life and those beautiful strong looking women on the front of those glossy Dale May covers and was like, I am going to fly to NYC and do it... 4 years later I did :) The second was a fetish magazine called Bizarre I just thought they just looked so Exciting, they made a real Impact! It just stood out to me and was the one cover I wanted more than anything! I literally pestered them for years and even went for meetings but I was never quite right for it so again... I flew across the world and made it happen! It is my most favorite cover I have done! 3. My high school years involved a lot of a lot of skipping classes and smoking weed until my brain started to melt. I am only just starting to recover it
4. Now I get to work with the rich, the famous, the horrendous and the wonderful. A huge mixture of people! I have never really had a normal job... tattoo shops, secret sexy circus's and now hosting at some of London's best members clubs. 5. I have a crush on I have only really ever had a couple of school girl crushes one was Yelawolf... maybe I am lying it may be a few rappers haha! I used to dribble a lot over that dude though and the last school girl crush I had was on some Model called Ben Palmer... I would like to shoot with him...someone make it happen :)! In all honesty though and I know this sounds so lame but my biggest crush I have ever had is a Beautiful man named Ashley Wilkie who I have been kissing for a long time now. I am ridiculously in Love. 6. I now live in London but have vowed to be in NYC as much as I can, I want to make it my second home 7. Modeling is changing in the way you get your work out. Thru online media or thru self releases. What do you think of this?? It's a lot easier for people to get there work EVERYWHERE! Which means there are now so many 'models' which is a problem for some but is fine for me because this has never been my career, I have always just seen it as something I really enjoy... it is just a bonus I get paid to do it when I do. I never look at other women and think Oh shitttt competition I look at them and go dayummmmm she looks so good! go girl! Using the internet as a networking tool is awesome I can safely say I wouldn't have done most of my work without it!
8. What is your favorite piece you have?? I have to many favorites! I have a collection of Bert Grimm inspired cherubs here and there that I love! Also a beautiful cover up by Chad Koeplinger, a purple unicorn from Oliver Peck and most recently the hottest Mamacita from Tim Hendricks... the perks of once working in a tattoo shop eh! 9 When you coming back to NYC?? Hopefully in a few months, I start a new job soon which may mean I get to come visit a lot more often! 10. If you could leave us with one thought, what would it be? 'That is how I wanna die... cookie coma...but also drunk on margaritas on a beach somewhere.... fussy!'' BUT ALSO my half assed words of wisdom would be... ENJOY everything.Be nice, stay humble, bake stuff and drink to much  

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