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1. I still remember, the first magazine that made an impression on me as a kid
There were many! I was a magazine obsessive youngun. The old Details (Anka's sex column), Sassy (it's become a cliché now but I had all of them and reread them constantly) and Rolling Stone (when Fred Woodward was the Art Director). I wanted to be a part of making magazines as great as those one day. 2. My high school years involved a lot of At home dye jobs, thrift store clothes and detention. 3. Now I get to work In a little alcove office with a record player at Bon Appétit magazine, 4 Times Square. Currently most excited about the record player, but the fact that I sometimes see Grace Coddington in the elevator is a close second. lady.
4. I have a crush on The entire cast of GIRLS. 5. I now live in A cute apartment in Chelsea with my boyfriend Preston. Every single wall is covered with something framed; everything from paint-by-numbers, photographs, vintage needlepoint and fingerpaintings to my first passport photo, Geoff McFetridge prints I bought in college and Preston's parents' wedding photo…a ton of different things and I love every single one. I abhor a blank wall ! 6. I guess one Bon Appetit type question. Favorite NYC restaurant?? This is impossible! Ask me a different question ! 7. We are almost done here. I believe in True love, caffeine, polyester and free wifi

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