Who: Ellie Innocenti Site: http://www.deluka.com/ 

1. I was just listening to your new single "Home" and I love it. What can we expect from your new ep BONDS 
you can expect a sound that’s more dreamy and uplifting, with big chorus’ and lots of soaring melodies. Kris and I felt really inspired when we were writing this record. We’re always affected by the places we live and BONDS reflects our move from from NY to LA. I think for that reason things feel lighter; there is a lot of sunlit nostalgia, new energy and warmth. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not without its heartache and angst, but there is definitely a more positive spin on it this time around. 2. I still remember, the first magazine that made an impression on me as a kid It was a music newspaper called The Melody Maker, and Shirley Manson was on the cover. I think I was about 12 or 13 at the time. I remember reading it, discovering that she had just turned 30, and thinking “this woman is so cool! When I grow up…” 
It was the summer, I had just started to play the guitar and write my own songs and I felt really mature reading it. That was the first time I really started to acquire my own tastes without anyone else’s influences, and she was the first female in music that I just felt truly inspired by.  She was smart, edgy and could totally hold her own. 3. My high school years involved a lot of  lot of me carrying my guitar around obsessively, developing an early disdain for authority figures, and wanting to do my own thing.  Dressed in my bottle green school uniform I would find a quiet classroom at lunch time that I could practice in.  I preferred playing the guitar over doing pretty much anything else. I was a weird mix of shy and show off.  I haven’t really changed, although I stay away from bottle green…
4. Now I get to work with The band has enabled us to work with such creative people like Dan The Automator who started Gorillaz and Deltron 3000, and Tim Carter Kasabian’s current producer. Obviously daily I get to work with my best friend Kris (songwriting partner / guitarist / producer) in Deluka.  At this point in our career Kris and I have an almost telepathic way of working.  It’s evolved over years of songwriting together, even Tim Pagnotta, our Producer for the upcoming BONDS EP, commented on it when we first started to work with him. He was like, ‘Okay, you’ve been talking for an hour without actually speaking, how about you share those ideas out loud!?’
Our band have been together a long time in the scheme of things, so Stevie (drums) and Robbie (bass) both share our history, which has seen pretty much life changing transatlantic relocations.  It’s funny that we’ve lived in the USA for five years now but we all maintain our collective British way of thinking.  It keeps us bonded and it’s nice to have those shared British observations and awkwardness amongst us - keeps things amusing.
5. I have a crush on not so obvious beauties like Joaquin Phoenix, Marc Ruffalo, and other dark brooding types.6. I now live in East L.A. and it’s seriously the best decision the band’s made after four fun but toilsome years in New York.  To have sun and space, and rooms plural! in your apartment is such a good change.  Not be living in a glorified, overpriced closet when you’ve just toured living out of a suitcase is the best. It just make me more creative out here. Ahhh! LA the good life...
7. The evolution of a band is always intersting to me. Sounds come and come in and out. Problems go away and new ones pop up. Has the process become harder or earier since you started?
I think it’s consistently hard! There are so many ancillary issues that are involved with being in a band like ours in the current musical climate. Making music is the easy part. The industry is a mess, no one knows what they’re doing and at times it can really wear you down and piss you off. But I still consider us lucky, we’re still doing this and manage to roll with the punches, being happy in your life outside the music business can help soften the blows.
8. What do you think about social media ? Over saturation or an outlet?  Social media is ultimately helpful to a band, being able to communicate with fans is amazing and actually watching the growth of your band in numbers is pretty cool and tense in equal measure, but I do think it’s getting a little crazy. It’s a double-edged sword, I miss the mystery of not knowing everything about an artist, but like anyone else I’m intrigued by the information people like to put out.  Personally for Deluka I think we enjoy it to some degree, when it’s natural and comes from the band, but I hate it the moment someone suggests we do something that feels like an over share or is really contrived and constructed to draw in fans.  I don’t want to push ourselves in peoples faces. I would rather have a natural growth that we gain from authenticity and from our personal choices rather than following a major label blueprint to reel in the audience and create a persona that is inauthentic. It’s such a fine line between sharing and over sharing.  Wanting to see a picture of someone’s new shoes or Guitar is interesting to me but do I really need to know they’re about to take a bath? I don’t think so personally.
9 . If you had to compare yourself to a women (man) in the past who would it be?  I sometimes compare myself to my Mum and Dad we share the same sense of adventure and wanderlust.  I worry that I’m not as Rock N Roll as they are! My parents are both pretty unconventional; they’ve always done their own thing regardless of what’s expected of them.  Like at the moment they are on a two-month Indian adventure, getting back to their hippy roots. My sisters and I sometimes joke we're all like Saffy from ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ and they are Patsy and Eddie!  My Dad writes books about evolution, philosophy, and DNA and sometimes I think "Shit, I really need to up my writing game!" 10. If you could leave us with one thought, what would it be? I would agree with you, but then we’d both be wrong.

Check out Deluka @: http://www.deluka.com/, check out their new video for "HOME" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZ54Ue-HGcU