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I decided to be an artist because
I never made a decision to be an artist, I was born one. Learning fastest through sounds and colors, by age 5 my teachers had me showing the class how to draw and at 6, took up playing piano. It was only a matter of time till it consumed my entire life lol :) I still remember, the first magazine that made an impression on me as a kid was Seventeen! All the big girls read it and I felt really cool keeping up with what was going on between Kelly & Dylan on 90210. A half naked Kate Moss definitely insured an uninterrupted subscription; thanks Calvin.
My high school years involved a lot of homework, followed by reckless abandon. Now I get to work with lots of cool designers, artists, DJ's, musicians, people I love that are passionate about life and what they do. It's fulfilling. When I was young I climbed trees and beat all the boys at basketball and football. I aced all my tests, raised funds for and participated in cancer walks, and sold girl scout cookies to the neighbors. WTF?? No, really.
I now live in or rather out of my suitcase. I've been posted in LA and NYC but travel often and generally consider myself a nomad. I'll probably stay that way until I'm tied down by someone beautiful, brilliant and patient enough to handle my "artistic temperament". I have found this to be impossible but I welcome the challenge! Olé! People think this of me Any person would think of me as a confident, courageous, talented, and stylish female. People close to me know I'm a belly up teddy bear, with a ton of talent wrapped up my sleeves :) But everyone knows that I'll cut you if you cross me. We are almost done here. I love love love love French macarons. I also love playfully bitchy women... a struggle can get so sexy. If you could leave us with one thought, what would it be? Let love reign. Live out your fantasies because you only have one life to live and no one will ever hold it against you :)

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