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I decided to be a designer because
In high school, I realized I had a strong passion for making things. I loved painting, drawing and also loved altering clothes from vintage and antique stores. I decided that I wanted to go to art school and RISD was my top choice and so it goes from there... I still remember, the first magazine that made an impression on me as a kid I never read magazines as a kid. I guess when I was very young I had a magazine that would come in the mail monthly called Your Big Backyard My high school years involved a lot of running and avoiding anything that wasnt absolutely required for me to get out of it.
Now I get to work with Anything I want? When I was young I lived in rural Pennsylvania and had paths weaving through the forest behind my house. One of the paths lead to a teepee that my dad and sisters built. The woods were full of berries,--depending on the season: strawberries and mostly blackberries--violets, dandy lions and mushrooms, wild animals like deer squirrels and bunnies. I once touched a deer and also caught a chipmunk. It all feels kind of magical when I think back to my childhood. I now live in Chinatown, NYC. People think this of me Who cares.
We are almost done here. I love Holidays, especially Halloween. Nowadays, maybe it's just the idea of Halloween. If you could leave us with one thought, what would it be? I have to go to midtown this morning to get some shearling for a jacket. I wish there was a way to transport myself to midtown and other parts of this city without feeling the trip. I hate the subway more than most things.