Who: Lindsay and Melinda / Kotoba Site: http://kotoba.us/  

1. Lets just start off with how did you decide to start Kotoba?
Lindsay : Our company Shima Seiki, asked us to start a brand in order to promote and experiment with WHOLEGARMENT technology, which specializes in as a knitting machine manufacturer. It’s incredible technology. We are very lucky to have the opportunity. Melinda : KOTOBA was created by Shima Seiki in order to promote WholeGarment® technology in USA. Lindsay and I were honestly in the right place at the right time, and needless to say, honored to be working for such an innovative company, entrusted with a this project of creating and promoting KOTOBA. 2. I still remember, the first magazine that made an impression on me as a kid L : Highlights? Just kidding. As far as fashion related magazines, I became obsessed with fashion & culture magazines in high school. I was planning to be a fashion photographer at the time because I absolutely loved the fantasy and escape of the imagery. I don’t think I can pick one but I religiously bought Nova, One World, Suede, Black Book, Jalouse, & Nylon. Nova, One World, & Suede had very short life spans and are no longer in print. I’m a collector. I have an extensive library of fashion magazines from all over the world. M : Is this a yes or no question? I have to say ‘No’ on this one, I don’t remember 3. My high school years involved a lot of L : alone time. I wrote in journals, listened to music, took pictures, made clothes, painted, danced, and kept a very small group of friends who inspired me. I’m still like that. I enjoy being in my own little world. M : being a social butterfly with a side of shenanigan activity.
4. Now I get to work with L : awesome people and incredible technology. I never thought I would have the opportunity to be able to design knitwear with the big dogs. I mean, I have a Brother knitting machine which I used to hand make individual samples with, but Shima Seiki’s technology is top of the line computerized knitting machine manufacturing. It’s powerful. The WHOLEGARMENT technology is above and beyond what is commonly used in the industry right now. I was able to train on our APEX 3 Total Design System in Japan in April and fell in love with it. I knew about the system from working with Shima and it’s really the most efficient design system out there. You can create yarns, knit & woven structure patterns, print designs, colorways, circular knit simulations, pattern data for factories, swatch simulations, pretty much everything. The most impressive function is the 3-D simulations where you can create virtual garments. You test the fit and see design details before you make anything. It’s very accurate and cost efficient, which is a priority for everyone these days. I foresee this being a necessity for the design industry in the near future. Jaws drop when we give demos of this system. The bottom line is that this opportunity is a dream come true, any way you look at it. M : a lot of Japanese folk and super rad knitting machines. 5. I have a crush on L : Ryan Gosling. He’s talented, mysterious, and he knits. Stop it. What more could a knit geek ask for? M : a twin. 6. I now live in L : in Chelsea in NYC and I’ve been there for six years. M : an upgraded Bushwick box. 7. People just seeing your FW collection for the first time what do you want them to take away? L : We made felted garments with NO SEAMS! That is rare and we did it. Plus, we use Japanese cashmere which feels like butter. It’s a luxurious collection and it’s edgy. For the knitwear savvy, it blows minds. M : An understanding of quality in garment construction & material, importance of domestic production and forward thinking within design and technology.
8. What do you think about social media ? Oversaturation or an outlet? L : It depends. I think it’s a very useful tool for gathering and sharing information quickly, networking, & keeping in touch. However, it can also be a big distraction and I like being in the moment. How many times do you see a group of friends looking down separately on their phones instead of interacting with one another? I’m on the fence with this one. M : Eep. Hard to say. I find it a love/hate situation. It needs to be used in an utmost positive way to promote whatever it is you’d like to share. It’s also great to keep in touch with distance friends and family. As long as you keep a privacy factor to the public content, I think I will be on social media’s side. 9. If you had to compare yourself to a women in the past who would it be? L : Emily Dickinson. Is that depressing? M : Really? I don’t even know. Someone eccentric perhaps. Man Ray’s love interest Lee Miller was pretty cool. You tell me. 10. If you could leave us with one thought, what would it be? L : Be grateful M : How deep is your love?

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