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1. What do you think the connection between blogging and design is. Especially since you do both? The creative brain. I think blogging, good blogging, requires the author to get creative with content, images and even how they explore the subject they are writing about. Design is the same - it's about getting inside the topic and really looking at it from all angles and not being scared to see things other people don't or don't want, to see. 2. I still remember, the first magazine that made an impression on me as a kid It wasn't a magazine, it was an 80's skate fanzine called Skate Muties From The 5th Dimension, that hailed from Bristol in England (I think). It was so well drawn, utterly hilarious and featured great hardcore punk bands I was really into back then. And lots of skating, of course. 3. My high school years involved a lot of Being alone. I was the metal/goth kid in a time where there were very few metal/goth kids, in a rough school, in a very rough town. This was at the time when Tipper Gore was kicking up a shit storm in the US, in essence telling parents that if your kids were listening to metal, they were Satanists. That filtered over to the UK and people genuinely thought I worshiped the devil, so they generally stayed away.
4. Now I get to work with Some of the most creative, interesting and unique people I could ever dream of. People who were most likely the black eyelinered goth kids at their school too. 5. I have a crush on Mostly people I've never met or seen, who enthral me with words. Also, girls with better hair than me. 6. I now live in Glasgow in Scotland. A hardended, gritty city but one I love and hate simultaneously. 7. You have the best taste in music. What are a couple old bands that you still can listen even after 10, 15 20 years later? I still listen to loads of early metal like Motorhead and Suicidal Tendencies, US punk such as Misfits, Ramones, 90's bands like Silverfish, NIN. Tons of stuff really.
8. I have to get one ballet question in. Where did this passion for Ballet come from? I wanted to be a ballerina as a child, but I grew up in a poor family in a housing estate, so there was no chance of ever doing classes. So, when I found out I could do ballet as an adult, I had to go for it. 9. When are you coming to NYC??? Soon hopefully. Just need a decent payrise first! 10. If you could leave us with one thought, what would it be? Don't fucking sell out.  

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