Who: Nicole Atkins Site: http://nicoleatkins.com/

1. Whenever I listen to your music I picture myself sitting in a car alone in the rain. Thoughts?? Nice! i like to imagine that my music would be a good soundtrack for either crying in the rain or doing it in the rain. 2. I still remember, the first magazine that made an impression on me as a kid Oh man, when i was a kid i was super into pro wrestling and horror movies. so for me it was WWF and Fangoria. 3. My high school years involved a lot of Night swimming, looking for a teenage Robert Plant and planning my escape.
4. Now I get to work with Lots of super tall guys with beards and awesome vintage recording studios! 5. I have a crush on Agent Cooper, Robert Mitchum, Vincent Price, my video director Mandy Bisesti, and photog friend Lucia Holm. 6. I now live in Between Brooklyn, Asbury Park and Memphis. Basically in my van. 7. How has extreme emergence of social media over your career changed your approach to your fans? Its gotten a more personal dialog going between us and the fans. and its also created a great opportunity to have the fans fund albums and touring through sites like Kickstarter. we did a campaign on that last year that raised money from our fans to buy our van, Vanna White.
8. I think the last time I saw you perform was in Asbury Park. What do you think about the turn around in that area? I've been there my whole life and from the year 2000 onward it just bloomed. its been very exciting. a lot of people didnt think it was gonna happen. the first place to open were two little galleries, one of which i worked at. kids would come every weekend for the rotating shows and parties and the cops would catch us playing wiffle ball and drinking beer on the streets and just tell us to "watch out for speeding buses." it was like Dogtown. 12 years later and the streets are packed with more galleries, shops, venues and restaurants. its the most happenin place on the shore. 9. Can you leave us with one last thought? I! drink! your! milkshake!!!!   Photos by Mats Bakken and Shervin Lainez. http://matsbakken.com/ https://twitter.com/mtbakken  

Nicole Atkins is playing the Brooklyn Waterfront on Sept 15 with The Jayhawks. , follow her on Twitter at www.twitter.com/nicoleatkins