Who: Nicole and Natalie - Nina Sky Site: http://www.ninaskyhigh.com/  

1.Your music always reminds us of how much fun New York can be. Do you still have that teenage feeling towards the city you grew up in?
Natalie- Teenage feelings and grown up feelings.. we absolutely adore NYC! Theres so much life in this city, so much to do, so much to see, so much inspiration. 2. I still remember, the first magazine that made an impression on me as a kid Nicole- Tiger Beat and East Bay 3. My high school years involved a lot of Nicole- High school dances, I dj'd a lot of them. Natalie- 40's
4. Now I get to work with Natalie- Nicole Nicole- Natalie

5. I have a crush on
Nicole- Erin.. duh Natalie- I used to have a major crush on one of our dancers.

6. I now live in
Natalie and Nicole- New York City!

7. You guys have a strong online following. How has extreme emergence of social media over your career changed your approach to your fans?
Nicole- We've always been really involved in our social media. We're dorks like that. We love the fact that we have a direct connection to our fans and can engage them in what we're doing. We exist because they exist. It's awesome..
8. I love that you guys went independent. That is obviously the way the industry is going? Is it everything you could hope for? Natalie- We're happier than we could ever be! There's so much freedom in everything we do, from music to the images that are portrayed to the collaborations.. everything. We are lucky to have an awesome management team that supports our decisions and fans that have stood by us since day one. Being signed to a label has its upsides of course, like distribution and financial backing, but at what cost? We run a business, at a smaller scale of course, and must work 10 times harder than anyone signed to a label.. but its all worth it. Definitely rewarding to know that everything we have accomplished has truly been because of hard work and resilience, nothing has been handed to us. Nicole- Being independent has taught us about growth and helped us become smarter business women. Is it the way the industry is going?? Hell yeah, why not! 9 If you could leave us with one thought, what would it be? Natalie- Thank you for the interview and support. We appreciate it! And, if you haven't already check out our new album "Nicole and Natalie" available for download via our site- Ninaskyhigh.com   Nicole- Dream Big. 

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