Who : Pamela Love What : http://www.pamelalove.com/

I decided to be a Jewelry designer because I couldn’t stop making jewelry.... It started out as a hobby, but it really became my passion and obsession. So I knew I needed to take that leap and make it my full-time profession. I still remember, the first magazine that made an impression on me as a kid My grandmother let me look at her copy of vogue when I was about nine. It blew my mind completely. My high school years involved a lot of Hair dye. Now I get to work with Other inspiring designers, jewelers, painters, musicians, and friends.
When I was young I loved making collages, mix tapes, and jewelry. I now live in Brooklyn, NY. People think this of me I thrive on dichotomy. I toe the line when it comes to fashion-mixing dark and light, high-end and every day, etc. I’m always balancing opposite aesthetics and I appreciate opposing viewpoints. People also say I laugh a lot.
We are almost done here. I love My fiancée, my cats, my staff. If you could leave us with one thought, what would it be? Spend more time outside. Don’t ever get so busy that your creativity is stifled. And try to pay attention to how you spend your money and where your purchases come from. It can be a simple step, but makes a huge difference to companies that go the extra mile to produce their goods safely and humanely.

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