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1.What do you think keeps you going in the model world
It's funny, I'm not certain. It seems like every other day that I want to storm out of my agency and buy a plane ticket back to New York, never to be seen in photographs again. And I have stopped, to an extent, due to my age, my lack of interest, and focus on other things. But when my manager messages me out of the blue one lonely night in Los Angeles asking me to fly to Seoul in a few weeks, I can't refuse the ticket, the chance to be an hour and a half away from Tokyo again, I'm always thinking, "This could be the last time that they offer," I'll be twenty-six at the end of this year, that's damn old to me. Too old to be carted around in model vans on underwear castings with sixteen year olds. But I'm still working, so I suppose I should be thankful.   2. I still remember, the first magazine that made an impression on me as a kid I never read a lot of magazines, and I don't remember my parents having very many. My stepdad had a stash of some serious hentai comic books in his bedroom, ladies with big tits and machine guns, or at least that's how I remember it. I had a subscription to Seventeen that came every month, my girlfriends and I would eat oreos and ice cream and cookie dough and read the embarrassing story section aloud to each other at sleepovers. I recall one story in particular, a girl was at her boyfriend's parent's house and took a shit in their upstairs bathroom and the toilet wouldn't flush, so she scooped it out of the toilet and flung it out the window-- which as it happened, landed on the glass awning they were all sitting out under on the patio. I've scooped my own poop out of some toilets in my day, and it always brings back the sweet taste of cookie dough in my mouth.   3. My high school years involved a lot of Sleeping. My boyfriend and I would stay up to unreasonable hours playing video games online with each other (Phantasy Star Online) and I'd bring a blanket to school every day to fight the chill of the air conditioners. I remember the vague sound of my teachers voices through a sleepy haze as they said, "Where did Sasha go?" -- "Oh, she's under the desk sleeping again."
4. Now I get to work with Great people who have so much experience in the world, if I hadn't started modeling who knows where I'd be. Oh hell, probably not at a 24 hour cafe in Seoul nearing 4 in the morning. One person I admire greatly is Mazdack Rassi, one of the owners of Milk Studios. He's one of the few people I feel has maintained a sort of "realness" for lack of a better word, despite his success. And I never tire of hearing his drunken story about hanging out with Calvin Klein who gave him the advice, "If you want to be successful in New York, just never go away. If you're around long enough there's no other option but success." It's inspiring, but then I think, oh fuck, I'm trying to be a writer, do people even read anymore? I can see my future now, in my sixties, drunk, a published author, family all deceased and no one to share my wealth with. That's how it's got to be for me, that's how my luck will turn out, I'll probably kill myself, I just hope the suicide note is clever enough.   5. I have a crush on I always have a crush on someone, I need to fixate on someone other than myself, if I didn't do that I would probably be working hard or something similarly unpleasant. I am also deeply nostalgic, I wake up missing one of my exes every other day, I miss this one, and that one, and should I email him? No, bad idea, don't do that Sasha. I also like liking people who I've barely met, it's more fun that way, easier to pretend that there's someone out there that's just right. I don't mean that insultingly, it's fantastic for me, you know who you are.   6. I now live in My teeny weeny bedroom is being rented out to someone who I don't know, my roommates set it up after I left. It's in Bushwick, Brooklyn, I have an ikea twin sized loft bed with a desk underneath it, that's all that will fit. It's like a kids room, but it works for me because it's cheap and it keeps me from being promiscuous, too embarrassing to have people spend the night. All my (expensive) clothes are in piles and bags in the living room and I'm sure our dog has peed or pooped on them at least once. Oh well, who needs 'em.   7. People think this of me: That's such a fun game, I haven't the slightest. I didn't know how stupid people thought I was until I started writing my blog, and I was getting all these emails that essentially said, "Sasha, wow, I didn't know you were capable of thinking so much." Now I run into people at parties who say things like, "Don't talk to her, she'll write about you."
8. I love the eye you have for vintage clothing. What do you feel of the the balance/difference with vintage and new designers is? I buy most of my vintage whenever I visit my hometown of Omaha, Nebraska. There's a great antique store there that collects all the old clothes from the wealthy dead ladies in the area, and they're so inexpensive! When I look at some of the pieces I have from the Victorian era compared to the new clothes I have, it's really the attention to detail that sticks out. The intricate boning, the hand sewing, there's a fine line between costume and fashion in a lot of the vintage that I have, which you just don't seen very much in day to day wear anymore.   9. Can you leave us with one last thought? I have a massive fear of failure which holds me back from doing most of the things I want to be doing, but the more I look at it, the more I see that it's not just a fear of failure, it's a fear of myself-- the things I want to do and write are voyeuristic and leave me feeling exposed, which I think is true to most art forms. But I also think that the more unique you are to your character, the greater your art will be. I forgot I wrote this poem but found it last night when I got home when I was drunk and in bed, it might be a nice ending thought. We, as humans, Must never settle, For convenience, complacency, comfort- But instead, Throw ourselves wildly into the air, Hoping our wits alone will carry us. Also, I didn't really edit or reread this, so sorry for any mistakes.  

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