Taylor LaShae
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1. What is the one quality you look for in an actress when watching a movie?
Believability. If i can believe where she is coming from and that i feel compassion for her when she speaks then she’s good in my book. a good actor does not act. a good actor reacts. 2. I still remember, the first magazine that made an impression on me as a kid Zoobooks. i had every issue with every animal in a binder LOL true story. i loved my animal magazines. 3. My high school years involved a lot of Football games. what? don’t judge.. i grew up in texas. and man, the pageantry of high school football games are insanely amazing.
4. Now I get to work with amazing directors on amazing sets for amazing films/tv shows. i get to work with magazines and brands that want to feature me in upcoming issues. work in nyc is fun. i am enjoying it all. 5. I now live in ? Bushwickkkkkk brooklyn. not representing, not hating. 6. I like that your clothing is more vintage and not trend driven. Where does that come from?? It comes from not ever wanting to spend over $100 on a top, ever. you can easily find to-die-for pieces for helluva lot cheaper in a hole in the wall thrift shop. the search is really what i love most about it. you never know what you will find. 7. What do you think about social media ? Over saturation or an outlet?   An excellent question. i say an outlet. maybe I’m being bias but you can reap the benefits of the internet much easier then anything else. plus, its right at your fingertips. pun intended.
Photo by  Amber Mahoney (  www.ambermahoney.com )

Photo by Amber Mahoney (www.ambermahoney.com)

Amber Mahoney (  www.ambermahoney.com )

Amber Mahoney (www.ambermahoney.com)

8. If you had to compare yourself to a women in the past who would it be? In the past? I find it hard to really compare myself to anyone especially someone who was great. but if i could, i would go with Anna Karina. her style, hair and acting has influenced me in so many ways. id like to say I’m following her her footsteps :) 9 .Explain your fascination with Space? Do i have too? I’m kidding, i grew up in nasa’s backyard. literally. i went to space center intermediate school. i have always been so interested and fascinated with what they did over there (in nasa) why most of all my friends parent’s were scientists and astronuats. it was cool!! now when i look up my mind turns. the unknown, the fact you will never know certain things is insane and good to stretch your mind and wonder these things.

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