Who: Monet Lucki 

 Biggest hits of inspiration happen when .... " probably the worst / most un expected times.. i am always rushing to jot random ideas done on my notepad before they disappear from my mind. but mostly from things i find around the streets of Brooklyn, including my most recent discovery of a sculpture/ print box i found on the corner of south 2nd and Kent ave. "

Describe what it is you like to photograph best... " I have always loved photographing people. What I find most enjoyable is studying humans as subject matter, fixating on the close details of the wrinkles in their skin, beauty marks, scars, slits / holes, all these small details create unique versions of beauty that I then emphasizing depending on what I am most drawn to. " 

I find I am being most creative when..... " I am walking throughout the city listening to my headphones,  when I experience a wave of new emotions, kissing a lover goodbye,   or taking two seconds to pull out of my own head and look at all the interesting people / exteriors around me. "

Words of wisdom: find inspiration from everything in your life, never disregard your day to day experiences as irrelevant to your art. 

Future projects / what is being planned... "I have been working on challenging myself and stepping out of my comfort zone. so I have a lot of documentary projects going on at the moment, including film and video which I am very excited about. I just returned from a recent trip to Angola and am trying to organize my inspirations I've gathered from the trip to apply to a few shoots I have coming up. "